Lan Ling Wang, 兰陵王 Episode 16 Recap

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So one of the best and most intense Yu Wen Yong scenes comes to mind in this episode. At this point, anyone who reads my blog knows that I basically think that Yu Wen Yong is the best character in this show. I love this scene to bits, and for good reason.

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Lan Ling Wang, 兰陵王 Episode 15 Recap

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Oh LLW, why do give me some of your best episodes now and then decide to spiral into a heap of uncontrollable of waste that even a dung beetle wouldn’t dare touch. As for Yu Wen Yong, he remains the best written character in this drama. No wonder he united that part of China.

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Lan Ling Wang, 兰陵王 Episode 14 Recap

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The true culprits to Si Ye’s “treason” are revealed and everyone get’s their just desserts. Hello World! This week has been hectic as I’ve returned from a job fair and am beginning my 3 day vacation from a hectic work life. I will post  as much as I can while I sip margaritas and ponder about my future career steps. That being said, this is a much better episode than ep 13 and it only gets better from here. 

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Lan Ling Wang, 兰陵王 Episode 13 Recap

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Si Ye and Xue Wu’s relationship hangs in the balance and outside forces try to wedge all sorts of obstacles. Also can I just say, Feng Shao Feng, in this scene I saw a glimmer of true and unadulterated acting that I’m surprised was in you. Good for you man.

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Lan Ling Wang, 兰陵王 Episode 12 Recap


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LLW has one thing going for it in these episodes, its that things move faster than a energizer bunny rabbit. Even though Xue Wu believes that Si Ye’s main wife, the one he is fated to be with, the one named Lady Zhen, this episode is really fun.  This is a good episode, even if it doesn’t have my Yu Wen Yong in it.

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Lan Ling Wang, 兰陵王 Episode 10 Recap

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Sometimes knowing how things will end is like throwing a bucket of ice water on a puppy in the middle of winter, and that’s how I feel about the lovers in this episode. Luckily, things zip along so speedily that it won’t take long for the lovers to find away around it.

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Lan Ling Wang, 兰陵王 Episode 9 Recap

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The story is progressing nicely, if anyone is following this story, you can see that both leading men has kissed the girl (though neither did it for romantic purposes). Both men has hugged and declared their love for the girl. Both are flawed beings with painful pasts who look at Xue Wu as if she is their only reason.

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