Detective Dee Movie: Lin Geng Xin and Mark Chao Bromance on Happy Camp (Translated Highlights)

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Can the two of them get any cuter? And how gullible is Lin Geng Xin? I think in the right circumstances, that boy will believe anything anyone tells him if enough people tell it to him. He’s like a handsome, adorable puppy. Why Lin Geng Xin decided to dress like a colorful canary, I have no idea.

Highlights Below:

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Cast of Movie Gong Interviews at Happy Camp (Highlights)

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So Gong has not only be a ridiculously lucrative show, but has also spawned a massive aftermath of movies, tv shows, mini online shows. If a TV show could have children, Gong would have fathered quite a few. Gong Suo Chen Xiang has nothing to do with time traveling but it the same time period and the palace struggle of the Princes is a great backdrop for the love story of mistaken identities, ambitious baddies, and innocent heroines, also clueless heroes.

So after a long hiatus which I desperately needed, I’m back. Thank you for your patience and your kindness, the sweet things people have emailed me or messaged me kept me a float this past week of online silence. But to business. Also I’ve attached the raw of the show and the cast on the end of this post.

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Upcoming Cast The Four 2013 goes on Happy Camp Chinese Show – Recap of Highlights

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Usually I stay away from Chinese talk shows because the music drives me crazy but the cast of The Four was so cute that I wanted to post some highlights. The four boys playing the titular characters showed up as well as Gui Gui (who played Dan Niang in Lu Zhen) Recap and Pictures below.

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