Down With Love (Ella Chen/ Jerry Yan) Quickie Recap Episode 1

How does a woman’s touch change a man’s public image?  Ask Ella Chen. She made surly Jerry SMILE, and act like a six year old.  Before down with love, I pretty much thought Jerry Yan was just another pretty face. Intensely private and really not on my radar of actors. After this slightly too sweet drama I began to develop feelings for the overgrown man-boy. But I digress.

This drama is like a hooker with a heart of gold. At times the acting is fake and overdone, but at the heart it’s vulnerable and warm. The kids helped, and there’s undeniable chemistry between the leads. Not to mention the second male lead looks like Adonis… if he ever shaved the little garden he grew on his chin. Still, off the radar hot.

Here’s Episodes 1 (I hate the first episodes, they are so introductory and BORING. It’s like meeting new people and having to be nice, and once you decide they’re actually worth it, the mask comes off)

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