Consort Meng Has Arrived – First Impression Meng Fei Jia Dao – (萌妃駕到)

(Photos courtesy of Weibo, Sina)

If you’re looking for a lighthearted and irreverent drama, I would highly recommend this one. Chock full of modern chinese lingo, irreverent humor, and ridiculous characterization with a lighthearted twist on palace romance, it’s been quite good. Granted, there’s only been 12 episodes.

Update: Youku has stopped broadcast – no one knows why but the guess is that the drama uses too much modern language/might be too lighthearted. I don’t know about you, but I’m pissed off.

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Chapter 63 – Good Intentions


A woman stood on the edge of the cliff, her white robes dancing in the winds. She looked off into the distance at the vast city of Yue that sprawled out in front of her. At the center was a palace that outshone everything else with its gleaming golden roofs and red walls.

“Home.” A man walked up to stand beside her, Zhuo Hao surveyed the sights, the emotions hidden in his dark eyes. How long ago has it been since he last came back? When his mother died he made vow that he would never return, but now he was prepared to take back the kingdom.

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Chapter 62 – A Poisonous Cure

Screen Shot 2016-09-09 at 11.42.11 PMKingdom of Yue

“Your Majesty, the Emissaries from Shu Le are here.” A Eunuch bowed and two men, followed, walking down the great hall to the golden dais. Around them, rows of ministers looked curiously at the men of the mysterious kingdom. They were dressed in the rich furs that Shu Le, the high and eastern mountainous regions were well known for.

One of them stepped forward, “Majesty, I am Lord Jin and this is my brother, Lord Shan.”

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Chapter 61 – Broken Gods


The Dungeons of Heaven

Deep in Pool of Origin, where the first of the world arrived was the Soulless Canyon, the grave to countless gods and monsters cast down to feed the Creature Below.

In the depths of the canyon, hung a man between two cliffs, his hands holding onto two chains that were nailed into the walls, miles apart. His robes fluttered in the infinite darkness, around his feet wrapped a thick chain that hung into the bottomless pit. Below, the Creature with pulsing blood red eyes waited for the half-origin god to weaken and fall.

Wei Yun looked as at peace as he did in the monster realms, even as the spikes from the chains cut into his flesh and dripped his blood down into the chasm. The Creature below roared as it tasted the prisoner’s blood.

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Chapter 60: Converging Forces, Diverging Paths

Screen Shot 2016-09-09 at 11.49.07 PM

The sound of horse hoofs thudded against the ground rhythmically, causing little puffs of cloud to rise along the country road. Wide swaths of ripening rice paddies flashed by as the riders tried to squeeze several days of riding into one.

“How far to the capital?” Lin Yu called out as they stopped to water the horse.

“Ten days, give or take. We need six days to cross the Great Plains.” Zhuo Hao said, he pointed to the gentle slope “You can see it from there. It’s rumored to be as wide as the seas, and even richer with life.” Zhuo Hao looked at Lin Yu with a tender smile, “When this is over I will take you through here again so you can see it in its true glory.”

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Chapter 59 – Emperor of Blood

Screen Shot 2016-09-09 at 11.46.15 PM

Yue Kingdom

Sunset overlooked the magnificent capital, its light dusting over the golden roofs of the palace.

Thousands of different colored lanterns already lit the grand square where the new emperor celebrated his coronation. Hundreds of dancing girls twirled on the raised stage as advisers, generals, and scholars sat around, admiring the sight and toasting each other in celebration.

“Majesty…will you be mine tonight?” The concubine whispered as she drew circles on his chest. Zhu Ming drank another cup of Jasmine Wine and smiled at the newest addition to his harem. They sat on the dais above everyone, overlooking the grandeur. She lay, half in his arms, feeding him tasty morsels with her slender fingers.

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Chapter 58 – The Good Die First

Screen Shot 2016-09-09 at 11.40.18 PM

“She’s been waiting for you.” A male voice sounded from behind her.

Zhuo Hao stood with his hands behind his back, looking at the tall, mysterious woman in front of him. She did not turn around to face him, only nodded slightly.

There were so many questions he wanted to ask. Where did she go in these months? How did she learn to kill like that? But he held his tongue. Yu Zhu was not the same as the young girl who died.

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